Unbelievable Bus Rollover Crash Caught on Camera

Bus Rollover Caught on Camera
We are about to see a very unpleasant bus rollover accident. You can see people flying out of the windows while the bus is rolling, and some of them are smashed by the bus as it lands on the highway. There was a truck coming from behind, but luckily the driver managed to brake before making further damage. The bus was carrying a group of teachers. This incident took place on June 23, 2018 on the expressway in south China’s Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, leaving three people dead and nine injured.

We don’t want this kind, or any kind of accident to happen to anyone, but what can you do to stay safe while you travel in a bus? First of all, always keep your seatbelt fastened. If an accident happen, use the hammer to break the safest window or climb out from the emergency exit. Stay safe, and if you are traveling somewhere have a nice trip.

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