Can’t Stop Laughing After Watching This Security Camera Video

Security Camera Video
This video is not about cars or motorcycles, it is about a coworker of mine, Emilia. She is a lovely person and I love her very much. Few weeks ago she had a little accident, she fall down in the hallway right outside our office. The things didn’t turn out so well for her, she twisted a finger on her left arm, but what is most important, she is ok now.

A few weeks after the accident, we rolled back the security camera to see what actually happened. I must tell you, after watching the video, I can’t stop laughing. Maybe it won’t be so funny to you because you don’t know her amazing personality, but I’ll try to describe her the best I can. She is about 45 years old and she is blessed with a teenage spirit. She is a single mom, a best friend with her two daughters, a hard worker and a great friend. The things that I like most about Emilia is her childlike spirit and her amazing sense of humor. Everybody loves her, and I adore her. Let’s watch the video below to see what actually happened in the hallway that afternoon.

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