Porsche 996 Crashes Into a Wall With High Speed

Porsche 996 Crash
We are about to see a Porsche 996 crash. Everything was going fine, but all of a sudden the driver of the Porsche lost control of the vehicle, went out of the road and ended up in a wall with high speed. This event took place at the “Big Willow” track, which is the main track at Willow Springs Raceway.

The layout of the track is built for speed, but combines speed with turns and elevation changes to offer a unique challenge, but it could of been a bit safer. It consists of 9 turns, but at least 3 of them need tire barriers or a gravel strip, maybe combination of both. If there was a tire barrier instead of wall at the place of the accident, the driver wouldn’t ended up with five broken vertebrae. Watch the video below to see what actually happened.

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