Audi A6 Fatal Crash – Going With High Speed Straight Into a Tree

Audi Crash Into a Tree
We are about to see the outcome of a fatal crash. According to the report of the police a 46-year-old man died after hitting into a tree with his Audi A6. He was traveling on a German freeway. A few hundred yards after the He hit straight into a tree with high speed. Unfortunately, for him any help came too late – he died at the accident site.roundabout at the exit of the freeway, he left the road to the left and lost control of his vehicle. The freeway had to be completely closed for several hours.

I’m wondering, was it the driver or was it the car? I’m suspecting that some of the suspension control arms might have been broken. I’m driving an Audi, once it happened to me. Luckily I was driving with low speed, otherwise i guess I could ended up like this or even worse. After watching the video please share your opinion in the comments below.

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