Rematch After Five Months, Hellcat Going Against Nissan GTR!

When I was watching the first video, about five months ago, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A 707 HP Hellcat wal losing BIG against Nissan GTR! What a disappointment it was for me, I watched the video over and over and I was wondering, was it the driver? Or it was the car? The guys who did the first video scheduled a second race, and we are going to witness the rematch AFTER FIVE MONTHS with the same two cars, and almost the same conditions.

I guess the Hellcat driver did learn something from the first race. This time he has a new tires, drag slicks in the back, and they are street legal. His grip is going to be a lot stronger this time, so let’s watch the video below to find out who is going to win! O, and this time we are going to see a roll race too, so make sure to watch the full video.

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