1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR, a Street Version of the Trans-Am Race Car

1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR
Some muscle cars look cool, and then there are others that just make you go “WOW”, and this 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR is a wild car!¬† It is powered by a 340 c.i. (5.6L) V8 engine with a 6-pack three-carburetor induction system on it, delivering 290 hp and a 345 lb-ft of torque,¬†tied to a 4-speed manual transmission, making this car a lot of fun on the street.

The E-body platform was all new for 1970, it is a great shape and such a cool looking body style. This platform is longer and wider than the predecessor, it has a nice long nose and short deck, and it really is a balanced good locking car. This is a street version of the Trans-Am road race car that was required in order to compete legally in Trans-Am, so the manufacturers all had to make at least 500 street versions of their Trans-Am race cars.

There are a whole bunch of visual cues on this car, like the fiberglass scooped hood, the G36 dual racing mirrors, the special trumpet side exhaust pipe, the J82 “Duckwing” rear spoiler that just adds a little bit of aggressiveness to the back of the car, and a lot more. This 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR simply has a lot of cool things on it that makes it a really great car!

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