A Mindblowing 1971 Plymouth 440 6-Pack Cuda Convertible

1971 Plymouth 440 6-Pack Cuda Convertible
This particular 440 6-Pack Cuda Convertible is one of the most significant muscle cars in the world. It has a 440 (7.2L) engine under the hood, with the 6-pack three-carburetor fuel system on it, delivering 385 hp and a 490 lb-ft of torque, tied to a TorqueFlite 727 automatic transmission. They made seven Hemi Cuda convertibles, and they made seventeen 440 6-pack Cuda convertibles for 1971. The 440 was almost the same performance as the Hemi, but about half the price.

Chrysler Corporation redesigned the Barracuda model for 1970. It used to be an A-Body platform before 1970, but then they’ve combined some of the elements of the A-body with the B-body to create what is called an E-body platform, which is still a compact sized car, but now there is enough room under the hood to fit any of Chrysler’s engines in the car.

This car is only one of two made that has the billboard stripes and the shaker hood scoop, this one of course has the 440 billboards. It has other Cuda elements, such as fender gills, a characteristic 1971 grille and a hood pins. There are cool little styling elements all over this car, like the black tail panel, the exhaust tips coming thru the lower valance, the optional luggage rack and the golden color. This car has been restored, but every panel on it is still original. It was never rusty, it was just taken apart and it was refinished and painted.

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