Corvette vs Mustang, the True Definition of Taking Out the Competition

Corvette vs Turbo Mustang
We are about to see drag race between Kyle Huettel, a member of BAD 9ER Racing, driving the Corvette and Dave Bowman, driving the Mustang. They had no idea what they were in for Thursday night at LIGHTS OUT VII Radial Race – Shortly after Bowman comes down from a double wheelie, Huettel’s car shoots instantly right, into Bowman’s Cobra (previously owned by Tim Lynch) nearly flipping it as it is hit at over 100MPH. After the accident both drivers were fine due to their safety equipment.

The Vette crew chief seemed to have almost a smile on his face like nothing happened, while the Mustang guy looked like he was going to have a breakdown. I truly feel sorry for the Mustang driver, it was not his fault and his car was literally destroyed. Watch the video below to draw your own conclusions.

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