What You Should Know About Driving on Two Wheels

Two Wheels Drive
In order to drive on two wheels, you need to prepare the car. First of all, the tyres need to have a little more air pressure because all of the car’s weight goes down on two wheels. You will hear the tyres squealing up against the ground, and if you have a passenger sitting on the co driver’s seat, he or she will actually see the ground.

The car needs really good suspension, and all of the ball joints have to be in a good condition. Otherwise the car can flip over on its rooftop, because on two wheels the point of no return is critical.

While driving on two wheels it takes really minor changes to make the car go to the left or to the right, it’s all throttle response and steering input to navigate the car from wrecking on its roof to going back down on four wheels.

Please do not try to do this because you will wreck your car and injure yourself. This is a job for a professional stunt drivers only!

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