The Stylish Ferrari F355

This sports car built by Ferrari from 1994-99 is an elevation of the Ferrari 348. It is available in three different 2-door body styles: Berlinetta, Spider and GTS Targa Top with a removable roof section. It is a rear-wheel drive powered by a V8 3.5 L 5V DOHC Tipo F129B and Tipo F129C rear mid-engine, available with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed F1 electrohydraulic manual transmission.

Berlinetta was the first model of this successful series. It was the first road car-ever equipped with F1-style gearbox with the advantage of faster gear changes and offering the possibility to keep both of the driver’s hands on the wheel while shifting gears. Totally 4,871 Berlinetta road models were produced, 3,829 of them were 6-speed and 1,042 were equiped with the remarkable F1 transmission.


The first model of the stylish F355 Spider was produced In 1995. At first it was equipped with the standard 6-speed transmission, but in 1997 it was offered with the F1 transmission option. Totally 3,717 units of this model were produced, 2,664 of them with the 6-speed gear and 1,053 with the F1 transmission.


In 1995 the GTS model was introduced. The only difference between Berlinetta and this model was the removable hard top “targa-style” roof with the possibility to be stored behind the seats.


Totally 2,577 cars of the GTS model were produced, 2,048 of them with the 6-speed transmission and 529 with the F1 transmission. This was the last targa style model produced by Ferrari.

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