Stolen 1985 Porsche Carrera – We Need Your Help Please!

Stolen 1985 Porsche Carrera
We need your help please: this silver 1985 Porsche Carrera was stolen from the parking lot of the Novotel Maastricht Hotel in Netherlands, in the night hours around 3 o’clock on April 6-th 2017. The last value on the odometer was 111.140 km. A Prestel+Gemmer RallyMaster is installed in the radio slot and an Average Master underneath the dash. The car was driven away as the security camera shows in the video below.

Please share this information and inform the police or The Owner if you know where this car is, or if you have seen it somewhere. As this is from the beginning a one family owned car, there is also a very emotional interest in getting it back – so replacement will be rewarded! Thank you!

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