The Sensational Porsche Carrera GT With a Seductive Look

Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche Carrera GT is a 2-door sports car produced by Porsche from 2004–2007 with a total of 1,270 vehicles produced during the production period. It is powered by a 5.7L V10 engine delivering 612 hp (450 kW) tied to a 6-speed manual transmission. Acceleration time from 0-60 mph is 3.5 seconds; from 0-100 mph is 6.8 seconds and from 0-130 mph is 10.8 seconds. The official top speed of this super car is 205 mph, but unofficialy it is 208 mph.

Porsche Carrera GT is a car with large side inlets and air dams that helps to cool the powerful V10 engine. The interior is coated with a soft leather. The car is implemented with a navigation system and a Bose audio system as a standard equipment. The ignition is on the left side of the steering wheel, enabling the driver to start the car with his left hand, and put it in gear with his right hand.

According to Sports Car International, Porsche Carrera GT is number one on its list of Top Sports Cars of the 2000s, and number eight on the list of Top Sports Cars of all time.

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