Saleen S7, Race Track Technology to The Streets

Saleen S7
The Saleen S7 is the car that brought the race track technology to the streets. It was produced by the independent car manufacturer Steve Saleen in the period from 2000–2006. He found the inspiration in his favorite supercars Ferrari and McLaren F1 when he decided to create the S7. One of the criteria was no compromise on any performance aspect, including acceleration, cornering, braking and aerodynamics. He wanted speed and power to hit the streets!

The aerodynamics of the Saleen S7 had never been seen on a production car before. The car is only 41 inches tall. It features complete flat carbon floor that fills in from front to back, except for the rear and front diffusers. The chassis is constructed from chrome alloy steel and a body shell from a special carbon fibre developed for the aerospace industry. The car was designed to hit two crucial areas, light weight and strength, and to get the best out of the two worlds. The weight of the car is only 2.750 pounds.

When it comes to power, the Saleen S7 is powered by a Ford 7.0 L Naturally Aspirated Engine OHV V8 delivering 550 hp. The acceleration time from 0-60 mph is 3.3 seconds; from 0-100 mph is 7.1 seconds, and the top speed of this supercar is 240 mph.

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