What Makes Rolls Royce so Special and Rare Find Vehicle?

Rolls RoyceRolls Royce is a name that has premium value attached to it. When you’ll notice, you will find out that Rolls Royce is a rare item that is usually custom made for those who can firstly afford it, and for those who have royalty in there’s blood. Royalty here is not intended as aristocracy, however, anything which is elite in nature.

In this article we have listed down reasons through which you can understand why the royalty and the Rolls Royce are synonymous.

Rolls Royce is celebrity’s best accessory

You know that we cannot live like celebrities, even the celebrities in Hollywood have certain levels. Not all can afford Rolls Royce, but when it comes to filthy rich people from the list of celebrities such as the Kardashians, then Rolls Royce is their first choice. Moreover, many would come to assume that Range Rovers are the best alternative to celebrity status, but as stated, not all familiar faces that you recognize from TV and films can afford it.

In Simple terms we are talking about the most expensive car there is, and since not everyone can afford it, and certainly not everyone is a celebrity, Rolls Royce hence is a rare find. You can take example of clothes designers such as Gucci and Armani. Well, this is the Gucci/Armani of cars.

The best automotive mascot

When people go shopping, say for clothes, the items you would get for a nominal price would cost you ten times more when you make the mention of the brand. A suit, and I mean a suit of good quality can be purchased by an individual of average middle-class household, but when you mention Armani suit, the price reaches to insurmountable odds.

A similar thing occurs when it comes to purchasing cars. When you can easily buy 180 horsepower BMW 320i or the pricey 300 horsepower Volkswagen Golf R, why would you think of opting for a Rolls Royce? The manufacturer of Rolls Royce charge you an insane premium, but since Spirit of Ecstasy is the most immersive and attractive automotive mascot, no other manufacturer can match Rolls Royce in its features.

Exquisite materials

What can be the most repulsive thing about a car? It is to come to a realization that the materials utilized in its manufacturing are not what they were claimed to be. Imagine buying a six figures car only to find out that it had fake wood or leather used for material, and this is not far from the truth – such cases have been reported in the past, and things like this continues to happen.

But why Rolls Royce is royalty and is rare? It’s because every material used in its manufacturing is what they say it is. If they say the body is metal, it will be metal, and you can be sure of that! If the dashboard is claimed to be made out of wood, it cannot and I mean CANNOT be anything other than wood.

When it comes to Rolls Royce special editions, they are known to have gold and crystal used in their manufacturing. It is also said that leather from bulls is used in their manufacturing rather than that of a cow. Now do you see why it is such a rare find? The car is a definition of premium and nothing less! The interior of a Rolls Royce is assembled with a bare hands. No machinery or equipment is used. That’s the specialty of Rolls Royce.

Restrained driving experience

A valid question that is often asked, and should be asked, is if a person is not sitting in the driving seat, can he or she experience the Rolls Royce? Well, those who are asking this question are right when they ask it because the Rolls Royce is not designed just for the perspective of the person sitting behind the wheel, but for all parties sitting inside.

The illusion is such that you won’t even feel like you are seated within a car. Examples such as “Power Reserve Dial”, which replaces the traditional tachometer, lets you in the zone where you see the Rolls Royce as a driverless car, or the involvement while driving is limited, you can say. After all it is all about basking in the experience.

The recent Rolls Royce cars are high on power, but when it comes to installation they are not carried out in a huge spurts. Also, the car will reach its maximum speed without losing the control of it. All this – only in a Rolls Royce.

The little details

“It’s about little things, there is nothing bigger” – Vanilla Sky. So to wrap up we will talk about the attention to detail which Rolls Royce is given during its manufacturing. A small example is, other cars attach considerable weight to show tech features flooding the insides. Whereas in Rolls Royce, there is a mix of classic elegance with modern technology. A simple piece of wood will cover the infotainment area or traditional P-R-N-D shifter.

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