2015 McLaren P1 vs 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

2015 McLaren P1
The McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 represent the future of the sports car. They both are completely carbon-fiber from tub to body panels, both have small displacement high-revving V8 engines packed between their passenger compartments and rear axles. They both use a 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission, carbon ceramic brakes and active aerodynamics. The both cars have around 900 horsepower and they both are hybrids with a real EV modes.

The McLaren P1 is a rear-wheel drive powered by a 3.8L twin-turbocharged DOHC V8 engine delivering 727 hp, and an AC electric motor delivering additional 177 hp, with a total of 904 hp combined. The Porsche 918 is powered by a 4.6L DOHC V8 engine delivering 608 hp, and a two AC electric motors delivering additional 285 hp, with a total of 887 hp combined. The 918 is an all-wheel drive with a electrically powered front axle and additional rear steering.

The P1 has the most aggressive tires a owner can get from the factory, Pirelli P zero Trofeo R. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 is the only tire option for the 911. Now we are going to find out what they’ll do at the same track, on the same day with the same highly skilled driver.

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