De Tomaso Pantera, The Timeless Italian Classic

De Tomaso Pantera
De Tomaso Pantera is a timeless Italian classic. When you get inside this car you have a feeling that you are in the main role of some James Bond movie from the 70’s. You’ll find a lot of command buttons and indicators, and a kind of tiny and limited space for the driver and the co-driver.

This Italian panther is a rear-wheel-drive coupé with a rear mid-engine layout. It is available with three diferent types of V8 Ford engines:
5.8 L Ford 351 Cleveland V8 (1971-1988)
5.8 L Ford 351 Windsor V8 (1988-1990)
4.9 L Ford 302 Windsor V8 (1990-1992)

You can like or dislike diferent things about this car, but you can only love the powerful and furious engine sound it produces!

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