3 Key Secrets To Drift Your Car

Drift Your Car
Drifting is the ultimate test of car control and it can be learned by anyone. In order to drift your car there are three skills you need to master in a specified order: First thing you need to do is to drop the clutch hard, that way you release amount of power that makes the rear wheels break traction. After that, you need to flick the steering wheel to unsettle the car and throw it side way. Finaly, you have to modulate the throttle to keep the rear wheels spinning and balance the slide. If you put too much power the car spins out, so you need a lot of practising to master this skill.

Best place to start practising is a wide area with no objects or obstacles. For start get a cheap rear-wheel-drive car, because you are going to be making best friends with some walls. Essential modification for drifting is a proper mechanical limited slip differential. All other modifications are less important. Because of the heat you are going to wear out the rear tires very fast, so be prepared with a second set of tyres. Good luck and have a lot of fun!

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