The Seductive Cadillac CT6

2016 Cadillac CT6 Silver Metallic
You simply can’t resist to the charm of this car, you can only love it – it’s a love at first sight! With its powerful exterior and luxury interior, it just makes your heart beats faster. When you’ll first see it, it will cast you with a spell will and make you want it just for yourself.

GM’s has to offer three diferent engines for this vehicle: The first one is 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. At first glance it may seems like it’s not enough to power this luxury sized vehicle, but if you take in consideration the weight of the car, you’ll get the all picture. Also there are available two V6 engenes:  3.0 L and 3.6 L. All the vehicles are equiped with 8 speed automatic transmission.

With a touch of a button you can turn the rearview mirror on a display, which is displaying the image of a camera that is looking over the back side of the car. There is also a integrated high quality audio system, like it suits to a luxury vehicle of this class. This car can offer comfortable ride with a sense of control, it’s easy to steer and makes you enjoy in every second of the ride. It’s great for a long trips, so if you travel often, you simply can’t go wrong if you buy this American Classic.


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