The Modern Story of The Beauty And the Beast

This is a modern story about the beauty and the beast. The twenty five years old Chesca Miles with a eleven years of experience in riding motorcycles is absolutely awesome, you won’t believe what she can do with her motorcycle! She is the first british professional female stunt rider who started to learn tricks by herself. She started stunt riding when she was 19 years old with a 110cc pit bike, later moving up to Honda CBR 600F.

Imagine this cute girl doing crazy stuff on her CBR 600cc. Interesting thing about her is that she was model within the fashion industry before she starts doing dangerous stuff. Acording to her, she was a born biker and the stunt riding was a love at first sight. She managed to break the mental barrier that it is a mostly male dominated sport, and she thinks that it will be a great thing if more girls do the same thing.

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