The New 2017 Dodge Shakedown Challenger 6.4-liter HEMI

2017 Dodge Shakedown Challenger
We are going to take a look at the 2016 SEMA Dodge Shakedown Challenger concept car. This is actually a pretty cool project, they took a 1971 Dodge Challenger body and infused the elements from the 2017 model year. This car is powered by a 6.4-liter HEMI engine, so it is a combination of a modern engine and a modern suspension with an old school vehicle.

The front lights are from the 2017 Challenger, built in to the 1971 body to give it a modern feel. On the fender there is a really cool “392 CRATE Mopar” badge, and there is a cool “Shakedown” badge that goes on top of the historic 1971 shaker scoop. At the back side of the car you will find the 2017 tail lights from the Challenger and a mopar exhaust tips in gloss black color.

Inside you will find a Viper seats, a Viper steering wheel and a lot of modern elements. Interesting thing is that the interior has the same volume as the 1971 model, so there is nothing that was changed volume wise or proportion wise on the interior, except for the modern elements.

One interesting thing is that the fuel door and the door handles have been removed from this vehicle to give it a clean appearance in this modern feel. Because there is no door handle there is a key fob to open up the door. In case if you wonder where the fuel door is, they’ve removed it in the trunk. This is the 2016 SEMA Dodge Shakedown Challenger concept car, and if you ask me, it is a pretty cool project!

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